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política ambiental


At Irium, we are a company of computer consulting experts dedicated to the design, implementation and project management of technology infrastructure, security and platform management. Highlighted among these services are; the implementation of information service systems, the development of closed projects, technical assistance, and specialized technology outsourcing. We also provide consulting services, infrastructure design and system integration, remote management and on-site and custom-made projects. To do so, we have our own platforms for monitoring, management and facility support in different levels of incident resolutions.

Environmental protection and pollution prevention are shared objectives of the administration and personnel of the organization. That’s why implementing an environmental management system that helps us contribute to this objective, is under the direct responsibility of the General Manager, who will provide the staff, technical and economic resources that are required for their functioning.

The context that surrounds our company, where our stakeholders are highly committed to the environment, from our customers, to employees, suppliers and the community or socio-economic environment, means that the setting of environmental sustainability objectives is an intrinsic need for IRIUM’s development strategy. Therefore, the ISO 14001 5L.P_Environment Policy V7.0 19/07/2020 Page 2 of 2 policy is appropriate for the purpose and context of IRIUM, both in its internal and external faction.  


The objective of the environmental policy of our organization is to consolidate this reality and achieve the continuous development of our environmental performance by reducing the pollution we generate. Irium’s General Administration is committed to:

  • Controlling consumption and waste and making decisions aimed at reducing the environmental impacts thereof.

  • Raising awareness among all employees, collaborators and control suppliers of the reduction of environmental impacts and environment system requirements.

  • Adequately managing the generated waste in the development of the activity by separating and treating it with an authorized controller.

  • Evaluating and applying obligations of accomplishment on a regular basis, with the purpose of complying with our legal requirements. 

  • Establishing goals and objectives to develop environmental performance and approve programs to achieve them by including responsibilities, resources and deadlines.

  • Checking and documenting an Environment System and performing regular annual audits.

This policy, which sets out the essential principles on which we base our environmental management system, is communicated to all levels of the organization and is available to interested partners. In addition, to reach every corner of the organization, we have professionals specially designated based on their personal dedication to these objectives and their experience.


That’s why Irium acknowledge that, we are counting on you to make our company a reference in the sustainability chain. 


Irium's General Manager

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