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Tendências e gestão da empresa tecnológica no século XXI.


10 Tips for securing corporate mobile devices

The protection of corporate information and data is a priority that cannot remain strictly within the physical boundaries of companies. Teleworking and the infinite possibilities offered by mobile devices have allowed for work flexibility that was unthinkable a long time ago. However, this same mobility poses a security risk for companies and a gateway for malware creators who are constantly sharpening their wits to gain access to all kinds of sensitive information.

Users often think that their mobile or tablet does not pose a risk of information leakage because they consider that there is no sensitive and interesting information for hackers. However, it must be taken into account that emails, attachments, contacts, wireless settings and VPN access to the corporate network are stored on these devices.

Therefore, it is important to stress that, just as organisations are addressing cyber security as a strategic element to be taken into account in their corporate decisions, the security of corporate mobile devices should not be forgotten or relegated to the background. In this sense, security training and awareness are key to protecting company data and preventing these elements from becoming a back door for hackers or hackers.

At Irium, we can help you manage your security in terms of mobile device security. Consult us to offer you the best solution tailored to your needs.


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