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Tendências e gestão da empresa tecnológica no século XXI.


The challenge of stablishing a connection with your company

Our team at the Project Office tells us how to get a belonging team to the company in clients projects.

It is common that when a project is carried out in a location other than the company itself there is a certain uprooting with the company and a link is established with the client. This is one of the problems that consultants have traditionally faced: how to make their employees feel that they are an important part of the company despite the distance.

Since day one, at Irium we understood this circumstance and created a department that is responsible for accompanying and supporting employees who are in different projects. According to our professionals’ own words "we are a nexus of union, help and projection from the very moment of incorporation".

To have a better understanding we had a dialog with Virginia, Belén y Marian, that belong to Irium’s Operation Department.

When professionals are incorporated, are also assigned to a contact in the department, a "friendly face" that becomes their reference point from that moment on. We offer all the information they need to get to know the company, guide them internally and integrate into the project. Then, the relationship will be usual accompanying them at every stage of their professional career: needs, projects, trainings, improvements and even incident management. They make sure that "everything is engaged".

The purpose is not to try to comply with procedures and paperwork, but to turn them into company ambassadors where they can develop their projects, maintains a regular contact, express job concerns, share information about other projects or why not, other opportunities. Develop a bond of fellowship that does not dilute with distance. Building a professional relationship that could be transcendent and become a lifelong friendship. "It is the value that differentiates us, the more human side," according to our members of OP.

They also tell us that they always care about understanding the environment in which the project is developed, maintaining close contact with the client where it is carried out to facilitate integration in the project and to be able to make better contributions to colleagues.

" We are here to provide solutions, and it is an aspect also highly valued by customers", even though personal- even in the personal-work sphere.

At the end of the day, we are people and we all need a helping hand to make the way.


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